Here we hope to answer common questions asked about the trainU2 service. Please select your relevant tab below "Delegate FAQ's" relate to delegate questions and "Company FAQ's" relate to more training provider based questions. If you cannot find an answer here please message us your question via the third tab "Ask us a question" and we will endevour to respond to you within 24 hours.

Q: How do I apply for a course or training event ?

A: As a delegate you are usually communicating directly with the training co ordinator. to potential employer. The site uses two main contact methods.

1. Some training providers will want you to apply via their website our advert should redirect you to the correct page to allow you to do this.

2. Some co ordinators simply want us to send them your contact details so they can speak to you directly so you will be asked for your contact details that will be instantly forwarded on to the training provider. You can speed this process up by opening a delegate account. Having logged in to your delegate account you will be able to quickly add your contact details to any courses you are keen to do. You can also set up an alert system to inform you as soon as a suitable course is loaded.

Q: How much does this cost me?

A: The current service we offer is totally free for delegates to use. Additional paid services may become available in the future but these will be optional for now the site is completely free for delegates.

Q: What is the benefit of having an delegate account?

A: Taking the time to set up a delegate account will give you:

  • A faster application service
  • Access to latest training events as they are posted via our Alert service
  • View your application history
  • Communicate with training providers via our messenger service
  • Access to other account benefits

Q: What is the Alert service ?

A: Alerts simply inform you via email when any event meeting your criteria is loaded. This service can be set to recive alerts weekly, monthly or never.

Q: Will I get bombarded with  Alerts and junk emails?

A:  Alerts are there to assist you we certainly don't want to annoy you so we have built a filter in to your account area allowing you to choose how often they are sent to your email alerts. This includes "NEVER" so you have full control over the system. Switch it off when you have found the trainign you require or reset it for a different course type.  Our aim is to send out one group email a month  highlighting news and special offers available to our account holders at any time you can unsubscribe from these emails.

Q: Do you recommend the trainers who advertise with you?

A: Sadly it is impossible for us to visit and validate every training provider so we highly recommend you question them fully about there experiance, services and facilities before booking.

Q: What do I have to do to get on a course ?

A: Each course advertised will specify their requirements. With so many applicants courses can become quickly over subscribed so it is worth asking the training provider if time is not an issue it may be worth askign the training provider if they have any other courses coming up or if they can put you on a reseves list in case a cancellation occurs.  

Q: Can you guarantee me a space ?

A: No trainU2 cannot guarantee anyone a space on any training event. Events can be over subscribed or cancelled due to lack of interest, loss of facilities or bad weather. You will need to negotiate with the event co ordinator regarding  these issues as they are beyond our control.  

Q: How much do you charge ? 

TrainU2 currently offers training providers two event marketing opportunities standard and featured campaigns. We aim to offer more alternatives in the near future. Our campaigns should meet all budgets and requirements. Visit our pricing page to review our services and related charges.

Q: How does trainU2 work?

TrainU2 was built to offer an easy link potential delegates to a myriad of training courses workshops and educational events. As an independent company we can promote training from a mixture of training bodies and providers offering delegates one easy route to training.  The site is built using the same software we used to run our much loved jobs board arbjobs.com. Companies pay a small fee to load their event advert whilst delegates use the service for free. They can either contact you directly about the course or be directed to a page on your website relating to the course and booking options. We charge no further finders or placement fee all you pay for is your advert.

Q: How long will my advert run for? 

A: Adverts can run from one to eight weeks. The longer you run your campaign the cheaper the day rate becomes and the more delegates will see your course.

Q: Do you have a list of delegates ?

A: We have a growing data base of potential delegates registering with us these delegates can request training alerts that will inform them as soon as a suitable event is added to trainU2.

Q: Are you booking agent  ?

A: No trainU2 could be best described as a training notice board you may get both suitable and unsuitable delegate applications and it is down to you as the training provider to filter these.

Q: How do delegates contact me ?

A: When loading your advert, you can select to either direct delegates to the exact course/ booking page your own website or request their contact details, these will be collated for you against each each advert on trainU2 and forwarded via email to your designated email address as specified on the event loading page.

Q: I can't find my course applicants on the site

A: When an applicant has made contact via trainU2 a record of all site applications will be listed against your advert so go to course listing in your account menu then select and click to open the relevant course information. When the page opens you should see a list of applicant details listed by name. Click on each of these for contact infromation. If you have chosen to redirect applicants to your own site from your advert then we wil have no records stored.


If you cannot find an answer in our FAQ area please send us your question and we will endevour to answer it within 24 hours.

Trainu2 makes no representations or warranties in relation to courses offered or information provided by advertisers. It is the delegates duty to fully investigate any company and agree terms before accepting enrolment on courses.